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This site is currently a work in progress but should be shaping up shortly. The site will have many different aspects. To start there will be more information about me, Matthew Drouin. As time goes on there will be articles about how I was able to get a site that serves 250k page views a day with 10k unique visitors a month to run on a 1 GHz AMD Duron box when "professionals" were not able to keep a dual 1.3 GHz box up for more than a day at a time with the site on it.

I will also have articles about different templating techniques in php, which I will actually be using on this site. There will be articles about optimizing MySQL, not that I am an expert on it but I have learned a lot.

One of the things that excites me most will be an "Ask Matt" section. In this section I hope to allow people to ask me questions about the internet and technology in general, if they are interested, and I will write responses. I am not sure how well this will go over but it seems people ask me questions about the internet and technology anyway so why not share all the answers with everyone on the internet.

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