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Javid Jamae & Kulvir Singh Bhogal

Company: Jamae Consulting
E-mail address:
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Javid Jamae is an independent software consultant who specializes in enterprise application and software methodology consulting. You can contact Javid at

Kulvir Singh Bhogal works as a WebSphere consultant, implementing IBM's e-business strategies across the United States. You can contact Kulvir at


Companies like have made a lot of money serving banner ads on the Web. The service they provide is great, but why pay for something you can do yourself? In this article, enterprise Java consultants Javid Jamae and Kulvir Bhogal demonstrate how to create rotating banner ads using an all open-source environment: Apache Tomcat, MySQL, and the MM MySQL JDBC driver. First, they'll walk you through the necessary setup in Tomcat and MySQL, and then show you how to install the MM MySQL JDBC driver to allow a Java servlet running in Tomcat to communicate with MySQL.

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