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Neil Matthew & Richard Stones

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Neil Matthew has over twenty years experience with UNIX and Linux since sampling the delights of C and UNIX V6 at University. He has worked in the IT industry ever since, specializing in software development mostly in communications, retaining his enthusiasm for esoteric programming languages and development techniques. Currently working as a Systems Architect he advises on technology strategy and QA. He is keen to establish the business case for Linux in the corporate enterprise. When not working, writing or hacking for fun Neil tries hard to persuade his wife and two children to take walks in the country with him. Neil has been involved in several books published by Wrox Press most notably co-authoring Beginning Linux Programming and Professional Linux Programming.

Rick Stones is a Systems Architect with the IT arm of a large pan European Pharmaceutical distribution and dispensing company. He has been using UNIX in one form or another since 1985, and discovered Linux with the early .99 CD-ROM distributions. As well as writing S/W for UNIX, Linux and other platforms, in various languages, he has also installed and managed several Linux servers. In his very limited spare time he tries to improve his piano playing.


Like PostgreSQL, MySQL can be accessed from many different languages, including C, C++, Java and Perl. Using the comprehensive C interface of MySQL, Neil Matthew and Richard Stones show us how to execute SQL statements in MySQL databases in the following sections from Chapter 5 on MySQL from Professional Linux Programming. They will look at both statements that return data, such as INSERT, and those that don't, such as UPDATE and DELETE. They will then write a simple program that retrieves data from the database.

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