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Matthew Drouin

Company: Open Source Tutorials
E-mail address: matt at grindinggears dot com
Website address:

Matthew Drouin is a published author with his book entitled Web Hosting and Web Site Development: A Guide to Opportunities. A graduate of the University of Hartford; Matthew received a BS in Computer Sciense and then started to chase all the dot com dreams. His love for many different programming languages has recently lead him to start spending the majority of his time writing open source tutorials which are published on his site


Many people talk about Perl and many more about regular expressions but unless you are a programmer you probably never use either. We will discuss a few unique and very useful ways to use both of them. Have you ever needed to parse multiple files to remove or modify a certain string? Have you ever needed to parse multiple files in subdirectories to change content in them? If so then this tutorial will certainly give you the insight you need.

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Mytop is MySQL monitoring software written to look very similar to the UNIX console tool top. Mytop allows you to see everything happening in a MySQL server from key efficiencies of queries to number of slow queries that have run. It is a tool anyone that administers a MySQL server or develops for a MySQL server will need to have installed on their system.

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Many of you might find it odd that a search engine optimized site is actually very accessible to people with disabilities. In this article we will cover how Web accessibility is similar to Search Engine Optimization along with the 5 basic or minimum things you need to do to make your site accessible.

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Learn how to create a text ad in phpAdsNew that has the ability to look different on different pages. This tutorial covers a lot of interesting aspects of phpAdsNew so anyone just getting started with phpAdsNew or even people who have been using it for years will learn something new.

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As announced by Microsoft on April 24, 2003, Windows 2003 Server is now generally available. This means hosting companies will be starting to offer the Windows 2003 operating system as an option to their clients.

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