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Matt Davis

Company: Linux Power Technical Consultant, IBM
E-mail address:
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Matt Davis is a Linux technical consultant in the IBM eServer Solutions Enablement team. As a member of the pSeries Linux project since its inception, he explored and tested emerging technology for pSeries Linux and wrote several reports summarizing his findings. These include Journaling File Systems for Linux for POWER, Parallel Grid Computing with Linux for POWER, Open Source Alternatives to Commercial Software for Linux for POWER, and the Linux Solutions Catalog. He came to IBM as an intern while a student at the University of Texas at Austin, where he earned two degrees. He can be reached at


Recognized as a high-performance, reliable, and serviceable enterprise platform, the 64-bit POWER(TM) architecture offers new choices to UNIX and Linux application developers. Anyone with a background in either AIX or Linux on other platforms can benefit from the strength of the open source community combined with the POWER of world-class IBM hardware.

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