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Keyton Weissinger

Company: Radiant Systems
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Keyton Weissinger is the founder and principal developer for Key Focus, Inc. He writes and edits for O'Reilly & Associates. At his day job, Keyton is the manager of the lodging development group for Radiant Systems in Atlanta, Georgia. You can contact him at


In Part 1 of this series, Keyton introduced his Puffin framework and showed how it helps you automate (potentially interrelated) HTTP calls in order to test a dynamic Web application. Since that article appeared, Keyton has redesigned and expanded the core engine. The latest version of the Puffin framework now allows you to automate a wider variety of actions including Web, file, database, socket, and command line (along with custom actions that are a simple framework extension away). With these latest improvements, you can now use Puffin (renamed the Puffin Automation Framework) for not only Web application testing but also system monitoring and data transfer automation. This article introduces the key concepts behind the system's architectural improvements and discusses its newly extended use.

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This first of four articles introduces the Puffin testing system. Puffin is an open source framework for testing Web applications. With Puffin you can build dynamically driven regression tests for even the most complex Web applications. Written in 100% Python, Puffin is easily extended to handle even obscure testing conditions.

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