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Scott Archer and Uche Ogbuji

Company: GlowingOrb, Inc. and Fourthought, Inc.
E-mail address: scott.archer at
Website address:

Scott Archer is a software architect and co-founder of GlowingOrb, Inc., a software tools developer focusing on model-driven solutions and their integration into core business processes. Mr. Archer holds an M.Phil in Computational Molecular Biology from the University of Hong Kong. You can contact Mr. Archer at scott.archer at

Uche Ogbuji is a consultant and co-founder of Fourthought Inc., a software vendor and consultancy specializing in XML solutions for enterprise knowledge management applications. Fourthought develops 4Suite, open source platforms for XML middleware. Mr. Ogbuji is a Computer Engineer and writer born in Nigeria, living and working in Boulder, Colorado, USA. You can contact Mr. Ogbuji at uche.ogbuji at


As with its sister project, ZSI, SOAPpy has enjoyed a recent increase in activity and is now in version 0.11.3. This version includes WSDL support and many other improvements. Uche Ogbuji and Scott Archer try out this new version with the same complex Web service they tried accessing with ZSI 1.4.1 and ran into a different set of difficulties.

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The last time ZSI was covered in this column, it was version 1.2. ZSI has enjoyed a recent spate of activity including the contributions for other developers besides the lead Rich Salz. It is now in version 1.4.1 and has added some WSDL support. Uche Ogbuji and Scott Archer take a look at these new developments and also discover a third-party wrapper option for ZSI.

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