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(PHP 3>= 3.0.9, PHP 4 )

imagepscopyfont --  Make a copy of an already loaded font for further modification


int imagepscopyfont ( int fontindex)

Use this function if you need make further modifications to the font, for example extending/condensing, slanting it or changing it's character encoding vector, but need to keep the original along as well. Note that the font you want to copy must be one obtained using imagepsloadfont(), not a font that is itself a copied one. You can although make modifications to it before copying.

If you use this function, you must free the fonts obtained this way yourself and in reverse order. Otherwise your script will hang.

In the case everything went right, a valid font index will be returned and can be used for further purposes. Otherwise the function returns FALSE and prints a message describing what went wrong.

See also imagepsloadfont().

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