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(PHP 3>= 3.0.4, PHP 4 )

imap_status --  This function returns status information on a mailbox other than the current one


object imap_status ( resource imap_stream, string mailbox, int options)

This function returns an object containing status information. Valid flags are:

  • SA_MESSAGES - set status->messages to the number of messages in the mailbox

  • SA_RECENT - set status->recent to the number of recent messages in the mailbox

  • SA_UNSEEN - set status->unseen to the number of unseen (new) messages in the mailbox

  • SA_UIDNEXT - set status->uidnext to the next uid to be used in the mailbox

  • SA_UIDVALIDITY - set status->uidvalidity to a constant that changes when uids for the mailbox may no longer be valid

  • SA_ALL - set all of the above

status->flags is also set, which contains a bitmask which can be checked against any of the above constants.

Example 1. imap_status() example

$mbox = imap_open("{}","username","password",OP_HALFOPEN)
      or die("can't connect: ".imap_last_error());
$status = imap_status($mbox,"{}INBOX",SA_ALL);
if($status) {
  print("Messages:   ". $status->messages   )."<br>\n";
  print("Recent:     ". $status->recent     )."<br>\n";
  print("Unseen:     ". $status->unseen     )."<br>\n";
  print("UIDnext:    ". $status->uidnext    )."<br>\n";
  print("UIDvalidity:". $status->uidvalidity)."<br>\n"; 
} else
  print "imap_status failed: ".imap_last_error()."\n";

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