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(PHP 4 )

localtime -- Get the local time


array localtime ( [int timestamp [, bool is_associative]])

The localtime() function returns an array identical to that of the structure returned by the C function call. The first argument to localtime() is the timestamp, if this is not given the current time as returned from time() is used. The second argument to the localtime() is the is_associative, if this is set to 0 or not supplied than the array is returned as a regular, numerically indexed array. If the argument is set to 1 then localtime() is an associative array containing all the different elements of the structure returned by the C function call to localtime. The names of the different keys of the associative array are as follows:

  • "tm_sec" - seconds

  • "tm_min" - minutes

  • "tm_hour" - hour

  • "tm_mday" - day of the month

  • "tm_mon" - month of the year, starting with 0 for January

  • "tm_year" - Years since 1900

  • "tm_wday" - Day of the week

  • "tm_yday" - Day of the year

  • "tm_isdst" - Is daylight savings time in effect

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