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(PHP 4 >= 4.0.6)

mb_decode_numericentity --  Decode HTML numeric string reference to character


string mb_decode_numericentity ( string str, array convmap [, string encoding])

Convert numeric string reference of string str in specified block to character. It returns converted string.

array is array to specifies code area to convert.

encoding is character encoding. If it is omitted, internal character encoding is used.

Example 1. convmap example

$convmap = array (
   int start_code1, int end_code1, int offset1, int mask1,
   int start_code2, int end_code2, int offset2, int mask2,
   int start_codeN, int end_codeN, int offsetN, int maskN );
// Specify Unicode value for start_codeN and end_codeN
// Add offsetN to value and take bit-wise 'AND' with maskN, 
 // then convert value to numeric string reference.

See also mb_encode_numericentity().

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