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(PHP 5 CVS only)

mysqli_change_user -- Changes the user of the specified database connection


bool mysqli_change_user ( resource link, string user, string password, string database)

mysqli_change_user() is used to change the user of the specified database connection as given by the link parameter and to set the current database to that specified by the database parameter.

Returns TRUE on success or FALSE on failure.

If desired, the NULL value may be passed in place of the database parameter resulting in only changing the user and not selecting a database. To select a database in this case use the mysqli_select_db() function.

In order to successfully change users a valid username and password parameters must be provided and that user must have sufficient permissions to access the desired database. If for any reason authorization fails, the current user authentication will remain.

Note: Using this command will always cause the current database connection to behave as if was a completely new database connection, regardless of if the operation was completed successfully. This reset includes performing a rollback on any active transactions, closing all temporary tables, and unlocking all locked tables.

Example 1. Using the mysqli_change_user function

    /* Open a connection as foo@localhost and select foo_db */
    $link = mysqli_connect("localhost", "foo", "pass");
    /* Change user to bar@localhost and default database to bar_db */
    mysqli_change_user($link, "bar", "otherpass", "bar_db");


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