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(PHP 5 CVS only)

mysqli_use_result -- Initiate a result set retrieval


resource mysqli_use_result ( resource link)

mysqli_use_result() is used to initiate the retrieval of a result set from the last query executed using the mysqli_real_query() function on the database connection specified by the link parameter. Either this or the mysqli_store_result() function must be called before the results of a query can be retrieved, and one or the other must be called to prevent the next query on that database connection from failing.

Note: The mysqli_use_result() function does not transfer the entire result set from the database and hence cannot be used functions such as mysqli_data_seek() to move to a particular row within the set. To use this functionality, the result set must be stored using mysqli_store_result()

See also mysqli_real_query() and mysqli_store_result().

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