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(PHP 4 >= 4.2.0)

pg_fetch_result -- Returns values from a result resource


mixed pg_fetch_result ( resource result, int row, mixed field)

pg_fetch_result() returns values from a result resource returned by pg_query(). row is integer. field is field name (string) or field index (integer). The row and field specify what cell in the table of results to return. Row numbering starts from 0. Instead of naming the field, you may use the field index as an unquoted number. Field indices start from 0.

PostgreSQL has many built in types and only the basic ones are directly supported here. All forms of integer types are returned as integer values. All forms of float, and real types are returned as float values. Boolean is returned as "t" or "f". All other types, including arrays are returned as strings formatted in the same default PostgreSQL manner that you would see in the psql program.

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