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The Right Domain Name
By Team Dyno - 2003-01-01 Page:  1 2

Sleepless Nights

Well, everyone and everyone's grandmother knows by now why having your own domain is so important. To sum it up, here are the main advantages:

- It shows You are serious about your business
- It creates instant credibility for your business
- It creates a branding for your business
- It builds your online identity and is easily remembered
- It can be an excellent marketing tool when used correctly
- It is an investment and intellectual property owned by YOU

Needless to say, having your own domain is an absolute NECESSITY if you're serious about doing business online!

But aren't all the good domain names gone you say? It's true that most short or one-word or generic names are taken up, BUT you can still win at the domain name game by following the simple steps.

Here are the 5 super easy secrets to a winning domain name anytime!


Every business needs to be branded, and that does not exclude your online business!

Now what's branding in simple terms?

It's an identity that you want your customers to remember you by, and the best way to do that online is by your domain name!

For instance, your business branding may be "Best Quality Service", so why not use that as your domain name, if it's still available for registration?

This is a great way of creating CONSISTENT branding and identity!


How about using familiar or unique phrases as your domain name? This can help differentiate your site and heighten the recall factor

You can think up many catch-phrases for domain branding, how about "CowJumpsOverTheMoon", "MakeLoveNotWar", "SaleOfTheCentury", etc?

But it's important that the phrases you use is aligned to your business, you wouldn't want to use a domain like when you're selling high end premium products, it just doesn't gel!

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