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Introduction to PHP
By Joe "Zonker" Brockmeier - 2003-12-29 Page:  1 2 3 4

Summary and Resources

This brief overview of the PHP scripting language should give you an idea of what PHP is capable of and how PHP is being used. In a future article, I'll walk through accessing a MySQL database to create a dynamic Web product page. Until then, check out the resources on PHP below for further information.

  • is the main PHP Web site.

  • PHP Wizards contains documentation and several popular PHP projects.

  •, by Julie C. Meloni, has a number of very helpful tutorials. Julie is the author of PHP Essentials, one of the best PHP books available.

  • PHP Builder is another popular PHP site with tutorials and code libraries.

  • contains plenty of useful links and information about PHP. Zend is the PHP Optimizer.

  • Check out Freshmeat to get updates on PHP development, among other things.

  • Go to to find out more about another popular scripting language.

  • Check out the MySQL official home page.

  • Go to the PHPMyAdmin site to see PHP and MySQL handled.

  • The official Python site is always useful.

  • The Java Lobby has lots of useful Java info.

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