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Using advanced widgets in Perl/Tk
By Philipp K. Janert - 2004-10-14 Page:  1 2 3


  • The Perl/Tk FAQ is maintained by Cameron Laird, and explains where to download and how to install Perl/Tk if it isn't already present on your system.

  • There is also a newsgroup and a ptk mailing list. See also the Perl/Tk Wiki.

  • The User Interface section on CPAN includes the advanced modules discussed in this article.

  • Steve Lidie wrote three articles on Perl/Tk for the first three issues of The Perl Journal, and has republished the first of these, "Perl and the Tk Extension," on his Web site -- where he also keeps a page of Important Perl/Tk links.

  • Steve Lidie also wrote the introductory "Getting Started with Perl/Tk" (Perlmonth, April 1999); this has also been republished at his site. Steve's "A Drag-and-Drop Primer for Perl/Tk" (, December 2001) and "Creating Custom Widgets" (, January 2002) cover more advanced topics.

  • " Include GUIs in your server programming with Perl/Tk" (developerWorks, November 2002) by Cameron Laird further explores the ease with which you can build user-friendly interfaces with Perl/Tk.

  • If you are well familiar with Perl, and just new to Perl/Tk, you might also enjoy the slide presentation Perl/Tk Tutorial (, October 1999).

  • Previously for developerWorks, Philipp contributed "Data visualization using Perl/Tk" (developerWorks, August 2003), which shows how to build custom plotting and graphing tools with Perl/Tk.

  • An overview over Perl/Tk comes with the standard Perl distribution: type perldoc Tk at the command line. There is also a brief separate discussion of callbacks in Perl/Tk. See perldoc Tk::callbacks.

  • Mastering Perl/Tk (O'Reilly & Associates, 2002) by Stephen Lidie and Nancy Walsh is for novices and experienced programmers alike.

  • Learning Perl, 2nd edition (O'Reilly & Associates, 1997) by Randal L. Schwartz and Tom Christiansen is one of Philipp's favorite references. The book is now in its third edition (2001).

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