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Execution Information

You can also print execution information, such as the current file being executed. The name of the function currently being executed can be retrieved using the function get_active_function_name(). This function returns a pointer to the function name and doesn't accept any arguments. To retrieve the name of the file currently being executed, use zend_get_executed_filename(). This function accesses the executor globals, which are passed to it using the TSRMLS_C macro. The executor globals are automatically available to every function that's called directly by Zend (they're part of the INTERNAL_FUNCTION_PARAMETERS described earlier in this chapter). If you want to access the executor globals in another function that doesn't have them available automatically, call the macro TSRMLS_FETCH() once in that function; this will introduce them to your local scope.

Finally, the line number currently being executed can be retrieved using the function zend_get_executed_lineno(). This function also requires the executor globals as arguments. For examples of these functions, see Example 36-2.

Example 36-2. Printing execution information.

zend_printf("The name of the current function is %s<br>", get_active_function_name(TSRMLS_C));
zend_printf("The file currently executed is %s<br>", zend_get_executed_filename(TSRMLS_C));
 zend_printf("The current line being executed is %i<br>", zend_get_executed_lineno(TSRMLS_C));

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